• Ergonomic handle
  • Perfect machine contact
  • Rotatable gun body
  • Single-screw (dis)assembly
  • Interchangeable parts

Ergonomic handle
The bottom cap has a unique ergonomic bump that lies perfectly on the curve between the thumb and index finger. Soft grip, made of 2k soft TPE rubber, on the bottom cap gives great stability while holding the gun in any position. The front cap has extra grip lines. It is also horizontally curved to make any pen grip feel as comfortable and stable as possible.

Comfortable switch module
Positioned at approximately -15 degrees, the switch module eliminates any tension in the fingers and minimizes the risk of RSI (cramps in the finger muscles) due to daily repetitive movements.

Rotatable gun body
To be able to reach difficult areas while welding, the gun body of the 8XT guns can be rotated to 45 degrees both left and right. The adapter at the front cap ensures the gun body remains fixed in any of the three possible positions with no room for wiggling.

Perfect machine contact
The PCB module is fixed and completely covered by a protection plate. The protection plate keeps the PCB safe from HF and dirt. Unique gold-plated spring contacts ensure perfect connection with the welding machine.