8XMB MIG Welding Guns

GMAW Welding Gun Line

The 8XMB line of welding guns is especially designed for any heavy-duty MIG job and to work with any MIG welder.

The 8XMB line has the following unique features:
• Interchangeable consumables - The consumables of an 8XMB gun from Translas use 5 axis CNC machined components. They are 100% interchangeable with OEM MIG welding guns.
• Long lasting microswitch – cycle tested to last minimum of 200.000 triggers on & off
• Great all day comfort
• Exclusive design
• Ergonomic handle with solid construction - The cable is supported by a ball joint and a steel spring to make it more flexible. The material used for the handle is quality engineered nylon.

Suitable for all MIG Welders

The back housing on the 8XMB line is available in Miller, Lincoln and Esab (Euro) types. That makes it possible to connect an 8XMB gun to any type of MIG welder available in your welding shop. The back housing is provided with ribbed structure for solid grip.

Discover the line

The 8XMB guns are available in low and in high amperages – 200 Amp, 300 Amp and 40 Amp, and feature an excellent air-cooling. The duty cycle is always 100%.

Switch Modules

The handles are available with single and double buttons as well as with potentiometer. Choose the right option based on your welding job, welding machine or personal preferences.  

Translas supplies more GMAW and GTAW welding equipment. 

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