Translas Brings the New Generation of Welding Guns and Extraction Solutions to Canada

The 7XE Extractor gun will be presented for the first time at the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS) in Toronto: September 30 – October 3, 2019

Booth #4123

August 20/2019 - Woodstock, Canada - Translas Canada Industries debuts the Dutch engineered, new generation extractor gun for the Canadian market at CMTS.

The complete line of high-vacuum units, ClearO2 as well as the 7XE Extractor will be presented for the first time. Live demos will be available at the booth.

Health and Safety Concerns Associated with the Welding Process Welding fumes contain vapours, a mixture of airborne gas by-products and fine particles. The composition of the mixture depends on the welding method and the products that are welded. The vapours and gases released during welding can lead to serious health problems. Short-term exposure can result in nausea, dizziness, or eye, nose and throat irritation. Prolonged exposure to welding fumes can lead to cancer of the lung, larynx and urinary tract, as well as nervous system and kidney damage. Certain gases, such as helium, carbon dioxide and argon, displace oxygen and argon can pose suffocation risks, particularly in enclosed work areas. This is why Translas, a Dutch welding gun manufacturer, developed a welding gun – 7XE Extractor - that extracts the welding fumes directly at the source.

Current Industry Situation: Insufficient Extraction People assume that local extraction arms, extraction hoods, mobile filters, push-pull systems and welding helmets with fresh air systems adequately protect welders against the exposure to welding fumes. But in practice these measures tend to be ineffective; not only for the welders, but also for others working in the same proximity.

Extraction can be a challenging task when welding is carried out in enclosed spaces. The 7XE Extractor gun provides a solution for effective extraction when welders are most susceptible to harmful fumes. The Translas extraction gun was designed to perform heavy-duty and/or precision tasks under a wide variety of environments keeping its user safe.

The Safest and Most Effective Method: Extraction at The Source Extraction at the source proves to be the safest and most effective solution to achieve better work environments for welders. Translas developed a fume extraction solution – 7XE Extractor gun with a mobile filtration unit “ClearO2”. The 7XE Extractor solution extracts up to 95% of the welding fumes directly at the source. When using the Translas 7XE in combination with ClearO2, the harmful welding fumes and individual particulates are no longer released directly into the air; they are captured immediately as generated. This system reduces the amount of welding fumes and particulates in the workplace to less than 1 mg/m3 during an 8-hour working day. (The legal threshold in Canada for welding fumes in the workplace is 5mg/m3 over the span of an 8-hour work day). Individual particulates such as Manganese and Hexavalent-Chromium thresholds regulations can vary by province, but with the Translas extraction system these particles are also extracted successfully at the source before air born.


Mobile Filtration The ClearO2 mobile filtration units are designed to accompany the 7XE Extractor gun from Translas. The 7XE Extractor and a ClearO2 units offer powerful filtration with an efficiency > IFA 99.8%. A ClearO2 unit is compact and mobile for changing location on the job due to its light weight and wheels, from which two are lockable. The solution is mainly used at high production welding environments (shipbuilding; general manufacturing; structural steel construction; tank, vessel and aerospace manufacturing; transportation and automotive industry; oil and gas industry; pipeline fabrication)

About Translas Translas is a Dutch manufacturer of welding guns since 1960. A company founded by welders, for welders with a passion for innovation and new technologies; constantly striving to engineer innovative products that boast a distinctive design as well as quality and functionality. Welder’s safety is of paramount importance to Translas. The company’s goal is to globally reduce welders’ exposure to hazardous fumes and to provide a healthier and safer work environment. Some of the pioneering products include extractor guns with a built-in module to safely extract welding fumes at the source and portable extraction units for high performance extraction.

Translas products are now exclusively distributed on the Canadian market by Translas Canada Industries Ltd, located in Woodstock, Ontario. __


Translas Canada Industries offers a complete range of air filtration products for welders including a range of high-quality, flexible systems and dust collection equipment, a complete range of MIG, TIG and Extractor guns as well as accessories. High product quality, ergonomic and contemporary design and a high degree of reliability of service are always key attributes of any Translas welding equipment. For more information about Translas Canada Industries please visit: To book a demo or for more information about CMTS please visit Link to photos, logos; (*Please credit Translas Canada Industries)


Media Contact: Irina Pljusznyin Global Marketing Manager Translas Canada Industries (226) 298-0732