Healthier Workplace For Welders Thanks To New On-gun Extraction

Innovative Welding Gun Extracts Up To 95% Of Unhealthy Welding Fumes Directly at the Source


Woodstock, Canada, 29 April 2019  – Welding fumes contain vapours, gases and smoke particles that form a health hazard. The vapours and gases released during welding can lead to serious health problems if people are intensively exposed to them for long periods of time. Iron oxide alone, which is harmful to the lungs, accounts for 50% of the welding fumes. Excessively high levels of manganese and manganese oxide can even harm the central nervous system and cause Parkinson's disease. Inhaling the welding fumes released when welding stainless steel could even cause cancer. This is why Translas, a Dutch welding gun manufacturer, developed a welding gun – 7XE Extractor - that extracts the welding fumes directly at the source.
The 7XE Extractor gun will be presented for the first time in Canada at the Western Manufacturing Technology Show in Edmonton:
June 4-6, 2019
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Current Industry Situation: Insufficient Extraction

People assume that local extraction arms, extraction hoods, mobile filters, push-pull systems and welding helmets with fresh air systems adequately protect welders against exposure to welding fumes. But in practice these measures tend to be insufficiently effective: not only for the welders themselves, but also for others working in the same area. This is because often the local extraction systems are not always used correctly. Some examples of wrong usage are: The extraction arm is not placed close enough to the source, or the items being welded are too big, which results in the mobile extraction arms forming an obstacle; The welder moves around and generally finds it troublesome to keep a mobile extraction arm above the weld all the time. Extraction also causes problems when welding is carried out in enclosed spaces, such as tanks and in the shipbuilding industry.

The Safest Method: Extraction at The Source

In most cases, extraction at the source proves to be the safest solution because harmful welding fumes are no longer released directly into the air breathed by personnel. Translas has therefore developed a fume extraction solution – 7XE Extractor gun with mobile filtration unit ClearO2. The solution greatly reduces welding fumes and is also compact and ergonomic. The 7XE Extractor solution extracts up to 95% of the welding fumes directly at the source. This system reduces the amount of welding fumes in the workplace to less than 1 mg/m3 during an 8-hour working day. The legal threshold in Canada for welding fumes in the workplace is 5mg/m3 over the span of an 8-hour work day. However, individual particulates such as manganese and hexavalent chromium are much less than this and vary dependant on the province you work in.

Faster Shielding Gas

7XE On-gun extractor

Translas 7XE Extractor with 10mm* Nozzle. *Nozzles available: 12mm, 14mm and 14mm Special

To ensure that extraction directly above the weld pool does not adversely affect the welding quality, the gas nozzle is cone-shaped and the outlets have been made smaller. This causes the shielding gas to exit the outlets at a faster rate (5m/sec rather than 1m/sec), and it is not extracted until it reaches the weld pool. The 7XE Extractor gun has also been tested in all welding positions, showing that the fumes are effectively extracted even in the overarm position.

Mobile Filtration

The ClearO2 mobile filtration units are designed to accompany the 7XE Extractor gun from Translas. The 7XE Extractor and a ClearO2 unit offer powerful filtration with an efficiency > IFA 99.8%. A ClearO2 unit is compact and  perfect for changing location on the job due to its light weight and its four wheels with two lockable. The solution is mainly used at high production welding environments.

Robovent W100 W150 met 7XE telefoon3

About Translas

Translas is a Dutch manufacturer of welding guns with almost 60 years of experience in the development and manufacture of products for the welding process. As of this year, Translas’ products are exclusively distributed on the Canadian market by Translas Canada Industries Ltd, located in Woodstock and Alberta.  
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