FORCE 800 Welding helmet

Welding helmets provide good protection against harmful UV rays, but they should also be easy to use and comfortable to wear. The FORCE-800 is a light, top-of-the-range, high quality welding helmet belonging to the top segment of the market.

This helmet is supplied in our own FORCE design as standard. It is also possible, for orders of 300 units or more, to supply this helmet with your own label or brand. For larger quantities, other helmet shells and/or cassettes are also available on request.

With a choice of two automatic cassettes, type 820 or 830, the FORCE-800 welding helmet provides the eyes with maximum protection against harmful UV rays.  The FORCE-820 cassette has a field of vision of 95x85 mm (classification 1/1/1/1).  The FORCE-830 cassette comes with a digital display and a field of vision of 65x62 mm (classification 1/1/1/1).  Both automatic cassettes are of course fully CE certified in accordance with the current directives.      


.FORCE cartridge 820SFORCE cartridge 830S