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Healthier Workplace For Welders Thanks To New On-gun Extraction

Welding fumes contain vapours, gases and smoke particles that form a health hazard. The vapours and gases released during welding can lead to serious health problems if people are intensively exposed to them for long periods of time. Read more...

AirFORCE Fresh Air set: new fresh air set (PAPR)

AirFORCE Fresh Air Set is so far the best offering Translas has had in terms of personal protection equipment. With this system welders can effectively protect themselves against harmful welding rays and welding fumes.

FORCE 800 Welding helmet

Welding helmets provide good protection against harmful UV rays, but they should also be easy to use and comfortable to wear. The FORCE-800 is a light, top-range, high-quality welding helmet belonging to the top segment of the market.

Watch the official trailer of the 7XE Extractor

Click on the video below to see the official trailer of the 7XE Extractor.